About Us

SPACCANAPOLI is a name of street in ancient part of Naples that divides the city into two parts. The local baker Raffaele Esposito just at this place in 1889 prepared the first Margherita pizza in honor of the Queen Margherita di Savoia. In order to reflect the national colors of Italy Esposito used components as tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil.
From that moment word "pizza" has spread on the whole world. However, the original recipe has been modified to adapt it to the tastes of the individual countries of the world.

25 - year stay of proprietress in Naples has persuaded her to come back to wonderful Poland in order to create "Small Naples" in capital. Typical family, Neapolitan atmosphere, the presence of Italian owners, some employees as well as growing number of guests from Italy makes Spaccanapoli "A small Italy in Warsaw".

A strong point of the restaurant are pizzas that are prepared according to the original Neapolitan recipe and also pasta prepared according to Mediterranean cuisine recipes. Dishes that really tastes customers are "fritto misto" and salads with the addition of mozzarella made of the milk of buffaloes.
All desserts are served according to the best Neapolitan pastry chefs recipes.






Spaccanapoli is a place for everyone. It's perfect for business lunches, after-work meetings, family and business dinners.

We also organize:
-lunches from Monday to Friday
-business meetings
-celebrations eg. birthdays, first communions, stag / hen, e.t.c.
-pizza's laboratory for the little ones
-catering for offices and private parties
-takeaway option
-retail sale of sophisticated Mediterranean products
-a possibility of buying gift vouchers
-Italian wine tasting

Opening hours

Mon.-Thu.: 12:00-22:00
Fri.: 12:00-23:00
Sat.: 12:00-00:00
Sun.: 12:00-22:00